45+ Minute Classes

45+ Minute Classes

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45+ Minute Classes
  • 45 Min Classic Barre LIVE with Katy and Stephanie in Knoxville!

  • 45 Min Pre/Post Natal Classic Barre!

    Always consult your doctor before exercising if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. Join Katy, Angela, and Stephanie for this fully modifiable pre/post natal barre class! Fusion-style sets deliver all of the burn with less getting up and down throughout class. You can also do these fus...

  • 45 Min Classic Barre Meets Cardio with Katy

    Katy created this class for EVERYONE! Stephanie demos traditional barreCLASSIC while Maddie amps up the heat with interval cardio! Katy leads the class seamlessly between the two options, so no matter what you are looking for in your practice, you will find it here!

  • 55 Min barrePOWER (Advanced)

    Lead by Master Trainer, Stephanie, this 55 minute ADVANCED class packs a punch!

  • 55 Min barrePOWER (Advanced) Live with Stephanie!

    This is an advance class with quick tempos that intermixes classic barre isometrics with full-body and full-range exercises to create the ultimate burn! We recommend you have taken at least 10 Nb specific classes before attempting this class. All exercises are modifiable.

  • 45 Min Hybrid Classic + Cardio

    This class can truly be taken at your own speed! It's practically two classes in one!

  • 55 Min Classic Barre With Katy

    Filmed from nb LIVESTREAM!

  • 45 Min HIIT Class TEAM TAUGHT by Katy and Stephanie

    Get the best of both worlds with this dynamic duo! Katy and Stephanie team teach this high cardio HIIT class and bring the heat! Purchase Katy's outfit here:

  • 45 Min Full Body Classic Barre

  • 45 Minute HIIT with Stephanie

    This is all-levels workout! HIIT workouts are high intensity interval training. Exercises are fast-paced, but can easily be slowed down for stability and muscle engagement. Always aim for muscle activation over anything else and follow Stephanie's cues for specific modifications.